Collected 1,000 plus books and raised over $2,000 to create a
library for 4th-8thgrade students (the school serves about 1,335 students) in Ghana.
                  Conducted three-day workshops with middle and high school girls through the Miss In Action Leadership program in Rwanda and Baltimore City, Maryland.
                                                                                                                                                        Tutored students at local high schools in Silver Spring, Maryland in preparation for final exams and county-wide assessments.
                   Provided students in Rwanda with basic school supplies including notebooks, pencils, erasers, and rulers.
Mhina Tumaini Foundation is named after the late John Edward Mhina, grandfather of its founder YaAdam Fye. John Edward Mhina was a humanitarian who believed in the importance of education for all. Mhina Tumaini Foundation aims to decrease the at-risk conditions that hinder young adults to reach their full potential.
We partner with other organizations, governments, nonprofits and various local partners to ensure all programs and activities bring about change while maintaining our independence and without political agenda and religious orientation.
"Your time and effort to provide books and the funds to transport them are immensely appreciated by the children and schools in whose hands your books are now being used. Your books are enjoying a second home in Africa."
(African Library Project)
  1. YaAdam Fye
    YaAdam is eager to move forward with the future of the Foundation, determined to work smarter and more efficiently to achieve mission success.
  2. Michael Prather
    Board Chair
    As a proposal specialist, Michael guides MTF's fundraising and development efforts.
  3. Lucy Fye
    Board Vice-Chair
    As a Private Sector Development Speicialist for the World Bank Group, She encourages innovation, new ideas, and solutions to further enhance MTF's existing programs.