Goal: Introduce and provide learning tools and opportunities to ignite change by educating, motivating and connecting.




MTF offers Comprehensive Youth Leadership Programs which focus on behavioral change and are action oriented.
Miss In Action (MIA) Program: Equips young girls with leadership skills and knowledge, and the power to take action.
Financial Literacy Program: Provides key concepts and skills related to personal money management, finance basics, and financial responsibility.
Leadership Development Program: Teachs youth to identify and practice the essential qualities of leadership and address the following topics: Conflict Resolution; Political Activism; Networking & Career Planning.
The Global Connectivity Initiative aims to connect volunteers, donors, and program participants across the globe to enhance experiences and link theory to practice.
Connectivity is defined as the ability to connect people using the latest technology. The Mhina Tumaini Foundation takes this notion a step further by redefining it as the ability to connect people to people and people to dreams.
We envision that through internships and shadowing opportunities young adults will gain real-world experience, demonstrate their leadership skills, and further development the necessary skills to become agents of change and prosperity.
The Education Connection Program provides used books and school supplies to schools in need. Through this program, MTF is able to bridge the gap between the lack of resources and a child’s access to knowledge.
One of the best ways of ensuring quality education and enhancing accessibility to good education is through the provision of proper and affordable scholastic materials.
This program aims to ensure that young adults have access to quality education and hence increase their ability to contribute to the well-being of their lives and communities.